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      MGH joins Duke Heart Network

      It's a pivotal day for the future of Marquette General Hospital.

      The Duke Heart Center is one of the top ten medical centers in the country. Now Marquette General Hospital joins their cardiovascular team.

      On Friday several from their team met with MGH medical staff.

      "We have the ability to think broadly about how to deliver care. How to actually perform research, bring innovative devices and pharmaceutical's to the heart center here," said Schuyler Jones, MD-Director of Duke University Health System Cath Lab Research.

      It's something MGH has been working to get since Duke LifePoint took over in the fall.

      "You can't be too good at providing great care for the people of the Upper Peninsula. This allows us to take a strong team and move it to an even stronger position in terms of what we can bring to the people," said Thomas Noren, MGH Chief Medical Officer.

      For MGH it means access to a number of resources including equipment, clinical services, and mainly the knowledge base gathered from years of research in cardiovascular patient care.

      The Duke Heart team has already started providing physicians with information on improving their care at with a Continuing Medical Education series.

      "The Duke Heart Center through our outreach program has constructed a series of approaches processes, best practices, even things like order order sets what should be done in what circumstance, etc..," said James Tcheng, MD-Duke Heart Network Quality Improvement Physician Lead.

      From here on out MGH's cardiovascular team will be able to participate in a number of training programs at Duke Heart Center in North Carolina, or with conference calls, and visits to provide patients with top of the line care.