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      MGH to have air service for emergency transport

      Helicopter air ambulance service is coming to Marquette General Hospital. They're partnering with Valley Med Flight to provide faster transportation trauma patients.

      A permanent landing location is in the works by the hospital.

      Soon this Valley Med Flight helicopter will be transporting patients to Marquette General Hospital.

      Hospital officials say a service like this is beneficial because the U.P. is a rural area, and their mission is all about saving lives.

      "The sooner they seek treatment the better off, the sooner they get the treatment the better off that translates to better outcomes for these patients," said Anita Parsons, MGH.

      While the helicopter will be housed in Escanaba it'll be available to transport trauma patients, like those suffering a heart attack, or a stroke and can respond to motor vehicle accidents 24/7.

      "This helicopter has the capabilities to reach any point any facility in the Upper Peninsula in under one hour. Obviously the closer the city is to where we're based in Escanaba is the quicker it will be," said Jacob Keller, service director for Valley Med Flight.

      Valley Med Flight and MGH are planning to construct a helipad right behind the current Emergency Department as a permanent landing spot for quicker access to the hospital. That location is on the corner of seventh and Magnetic streets.

      While there's a new helicopter service they will be providing for their patients some residents are concerned about the noise.

      Talk of this new heli-pad raises questions and concerns from homeowners in the area.

      "First of all safety, I think that you're landing a helicopter in a residential neighborhood," said Bob Hewitt, homeowner.

      Officials say their plan to build the heli-pad on their property across from the current Emergency Department is safe.

      "The materials that are used to construct the helipad and the processes that are used eliminate much of those concerns as far as debris and what not being kicked up. The helipad is development and structure in such a way as to eliminate that as much as possible," said Shannon Pollock, vice-president of Business and Development for Air Medical Resource Group (parent company of Valley Med Flight).

      They're working with the city to obtain a permit for the project.

      The heli-pad is estimated to cost around $50,000.

      Services will start June 9th, the helicopter will temporarily be landing at the Berry Events Center.