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      Michigan Air Tour stops at Sawyer

      Sawyer International Airport welcomed guests from all around Michigan and Canada Saturday.

      This weekend is the annual Michigan Air Tour with the Michigan Aviation Association, a tradition dating back to 1929. Dozens of pilots fly to a different set of Michigan airports each year on the tour. They learn about the host airport's economic impacts. The MAA reports that Sawyer contributes $147,000,000 annually to the local economy. The pilots had a lunch together before going to Marquette for the evening. MAA officials also presented the Sawyer airport manager with a plaque commemorating the event, but they say the tour is mainly a social experience.

      "We look forward to seeing our friends to the north all the time. They look forward to coming and visiting with us, and we look forward to going into the communities and seeing what each community actually has to offer. It's a lot of fun," said Philip Seizinger, MAA President.

      The pilots fly out Sunday morning to downstate Michigan.