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      Michigan Chief Information Officer visits U.P.

      The state of Michigan's Chief Information Officer made his way to upper Michigan to meet with a group of young professionals in Marquette. David Behen met with members of 40 Below at the Ore Dock Brewery Tuesday. They discussed how technology has improved communication between businesses, educators and government. Behen says the upper Michigan economy is capable of great things in the future.

      "It's a beautiful area and it has all the attributes you need to really build the economy up here," said Behen. "It's a high tech area with the university, it's got great businesses, it's got a great economy, it's got great natural resources. I'm just interested in hearing from these young professionals...what do they want and how can we help them get there?"

      The young professional group 40 Below has grown in numbers recently. The group is in its fourth year and now has more than 100 members.