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      Michigan DEQ director visits site of proposed road CR 595

      The director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality was in Marquette County on Monday, visiting the site of proposed County Road 595.

      The 21-mile road would reduce truck traffic from the Rio Tinto Eagle Mine to the Humboldt mill, according to officials.

      The DEQ is urging the Environmental Protection Agency to remove their objection to the road so the DEQ can issue the permit for construction. The DEQ says Marquette County has gone above and beyond when it comes to addressing mitigation on wetlands and wildlife fragmentation issues.

      "We've worked very hard. This has been a two-year process. A lot of effort's gone into ensuring that we're mitigating environmental interests," said DEQ Director Dan Wyant. "Environmental stewardship is our top priority at the DEQ, and my concern is, if we don't get a road built under these conditions, we'll never be able to build a road in western Marquette County."

      Wyant hopes a decision will come from the EPA by December 1.