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      Michigan Food Hub tours Marquette Co-op

      Members of the Michigan Food Hub toured the Marquette Food Co-op Friday. A Food Hub is a centrally located facility that distributes and promotes locally grown food.

      The Food Hub members had their meeting at Northern Michigan University and then went to see the Co-op's new location. The Co-op showed off every part of their operation. They toured the grocery store, cooking classrooms, storage areas, loading dock and other areas. Many of the Food Hub members say they were very impressed with what the Co-op's new location has to offer.

      "This Co-op is such a shining example of community participation, environmental responsibility, and community awareness of their needs," says Rich Pirog, senior associate director of Food Hub.

      The Marquette Food Co-op's new facility will now serve as the aggregation site for the Central U.P. Food Hub.