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      Michigan House Speaker visits Upper Michigan for GOP candidate

      It's the campaign season, and Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger was in the Keweenaw for a GOP candidate.

      Bolger recently made headlines after he said the GOP wanted more answers about the health insurance exchange. Bolger says before a federal exchange is allowed, he wants to make sure everyone understands the advantages and disadvantages between having a federal-run exchange and having a state-run exchange.

      "The plain language of the law says that mandates and the tax penalty only come into play for states that have exchanges," said Bolger. "Now the IRS has ruled the opposite. The IRS has said that whether the state does the exchange or the federal government does. So we need to get that question answered."

      Bolger says he wants to know if the state does not establish an exchange, do state citizens still face the mandate and do state employers still face the penalty?

      On Thursday, Bolger was with State Representative Matt Huuki, who's campaigning for reelection on the GOP ticket.