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      Michigan hunting, fishing license fees to increase

      Michigan lawmakers have approved significant hunting and fishing license fee increases, and the bill has been sent to Governor Rick Snyder.

      Currently, Michigan has over 220 different hunting and fishing license fees. The bill is seeking to simplify that licensing system, and the increasing fees could mean close to $20 million in revenue.

      But some hunters are less than enthused, especially with higher out-of-state fees. â??The people that like to come visit from out-of-state, they come up here to visit family, go camping, whatever they do, they like to go hunting and fishing with relatives and stuff,â?? said hunter Corey Smith. â??Theyâ??re not going to want to pay a high cost. When they come out here to visit, they just want to go out and spend time with their family.â??

      A new base hunting license will take effect in March and cost $11 for most in-state residents. Separate fees still will be levied for hunting certain species. Tags for deer will rise from $15 to $20.

      The legislation seeks to use the revenue to improve wildlife, fisheries, and habitat programs once they're signed by the governor.