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      Michigan may amend bill to include deposits on bottled water

      Michigan has the highest deposit rate in the entire country: 10 cents for every bottle or can, and the redemption rate is also the highest at 95.9 percent.

      However, some legislators and special interest groups are looking to amend House Bill 5703 to include all bottled water.

      â??If it keeps stuff out of the landfills that would be a pretty good idea,â?? said consumer, Marie Blanton.

      Thatâ??s really the focus behind expanding the deposits to also include non-carbonated water; but for those who rely heavily on bottled water for drinking, it would be a higher initial price for the beverage.

      â??It would be a hardship for people to pay that ten cent deposit on 24 all the time,â?? Blanton said.

      With such a high return rate, some lawmakers say it would amount to great environmental benefits and less plastic in landfills and on sides of roads. Yet, for businesses like Crystal Springs, Inc. in Crystal Falls, the proposed bill could mean some changes.

      â??Our business would be negatively impacted, but not nearly as much as the grocery stores and gas stations because ultimately they will carry the burden because they will have to recycle all of the product,â?? said Executive Vice President, Brian Rose. â??We would have to make all new labels; we would have to scrap all the labels we have. I think it's a shame that a few people in a special interest group can affect legislation to force the majority to do what they don't want to do,â?? Rose said.