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      Michigan minimum wage rises to $8.15 an hour

      The Michigan minimum wage was raised to $8.15 per hour on Monday, up from $7.40 previously.

      Steve Whelan co-owns a Big Boy restaurant in Marquette.

      Now that Michigan's hourly minimum wage has gone up, he says that he has to start making changes to avoid losing too much money to stay in business.

      "I actually really haven't adjusted yet. We're probably gonna have to do a slight price increase. Basically, because most of it is the server minimum wage going up and the server minimum wage had gone up...first time its gone up in a long time." said Whelan.

      Whelan says that he's not the only one who will need to do this.

      "I think you're gonna see price increases everywhere. Grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, everywhere you're gonna see a price increase."

      Only some actually earn what we think of as minimum wage at Whelan's Big Boy restaurant.

      Though those who make most of their money through tips, like servers, still have to earn at least as much as those who make minimum wage per hour as required by law. As it happens, servers make up most of the Big Boy's staff.

      Supporters of minimum wage say it provides employees with a liveable wage. But others say it ensures that some don't get a wage at all.

      "People who are very marginal to the...The very uneducated and people with zero skills can be affected. It's like a tax on the lowest skilled workers so it discourages firms from employing those individuals." said economist and Associate Professor of Economics at NMU Gary McDonnell.

      After employers like Steve Whelan finish making their adjustments, they'll have a bit of time before they need to start preparing for the next official minimum wage increase effective January 1st of 2016.

      This increase will be followed by two more planned increases in Michigan until the state's minimum wage is raised to $9.25 an hour on January 1st, 2018.