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      Michigan State Police go underwater to find stolen guns

      Michigan State Police and the Gogebic County Sheriff's Department teamed up Sunday to haul stolen and hidden guns out of Plymouth Open Pit Mine.

      When state police officers began the dive to recover a gun safe containing stolen long guns, they didn"t know where, or if, they would find it.

      "The items had been thrown or pushed from shore. Heavy items like that can't go too terribly far. But, I was told that this was a fairly sharp drop off, so it was unknown how far it could have, y'know, drifted before it sank completely to the bottom" said trooper Ron Beckett.

      The dive was part of a four month investigation involving 31-year old Anthony Michael Adams. Adams was arrested in December of last year as a suspect in a string of break-ins last November. He has since been charged. Last Monday, he struck a plea bargain with the sheriff's department.

      "Which ultimately led us to this location and the suspect did identify where we would be able to locate the safe with the firearms." said Gogebic Sheriff's Department Detective Sergeant Jorge Cruz.

      Police dives can take an entire day or more. But thanks to some good weather, success came early than expected with both the safe and the guns recovered within hours.

      The Wakefield Michigan State Police post commander told TV-6 that police teamwork played a large part in the operation's success.

      "Six officers, troopers and sargeants from the Michigan State Police Dive Team, came from as far away as Gaylord to partake in this recovery today. And it was a very successful recovery". said Lt. Don Horn.

      With the guns in police custody, they"ll be used as evidence against Adams. He is formally charged with 1st and 2nd degree home invasion and being a felon in possession of a firearm. His sentencing date is June 24th.