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      Michigan Tech alumni create Copper Country snowmobiling documentary

      Tory Baughan and four of his friends from Michigan Tech's snowmobiling club, the Sledheads, spent their college years tearing up untouched snow in the U.P.'s backwoods.

      â??Pretty much spent all of our money on snowmobiling,â?? said Baughan. â??The last three years, we've gone out West together as a group on vacation after Christmas. So, it's kind of a big deal for us. We have a lot of fun doing it.â??

      What started out as a hobby turned into an obsession, spending any second they weren't in class outdoors.

      Baughan said as they approached graduation, they wanted to create a video to remember their adventures.

      "This last riding season was our final year at school together as a group, so we decided it would be nice to at least have a keepsake for us," said Baughan.

      But a nice keepsake turned into 45-minute documentary called "Natural Frequency" to show Tech alumni and the community what Copper Country snowmobiling is all about.

      They were even able to get nine sponsors, including national companies like Klim, Fastrax, BoonDocker, Raptor, Oregon Trail Sports, ArcticFX, and KMOD, and local sponsors like the Keweenaw Brewing Company and Michigan Tech.

      â??We've had tons of comments from people: â??Looks like I want to go to Michigan Tech,â?? or â??I wish I would have gone to Michigan Tech,â?? or one guy said, â??Thank you for saving my boy from a liberal arts school,â??â?? Baughan laughed.

      Within ten days of being on YouTube, the video had received over 15,000 views and counting.

      Baughan said he can't imagine what his college years would have looked like if he hadn't taken the chance to try backwoods snowmobiling.

      â??I think I've done quite a bit of exciting things, and snowmobiling in the woods in the deep, untracked snow is the most fun thing I've ever done,â?? he said.

      To view the video, click here.