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      Michigan Tech Alumni Reunion Week kicks off with pasty demonstration

      Michigan Tech's Alumni Reunion Week kicked off Thursday, and this afternoon, some alumni got to see a pasty making demonstration by Michigan Tech's executive chef, Eric Karvonen.

      Karvonen shared recipes from his own grandmother to the alumni. He says his pasty recipe follows closely along with the traditional Cornish pasty recipe, with just potatoes, rutabaga, onions, and beef.

      After the demo, the alumni got to try a sample of the pasties as well. Karvonen says he thought it was a good recipe choice to share.

      "Pasties, as you know, is a very big regional specialty around here largely, basically because the Cornish miners brought them over, and it's grown into a regional specialty," says Karvonen. "I thought this was a nice opportunity to present a very good authentic recipe."

      Alumni activities at Michigan Tech continue throughout the weekend, including outdoor hikes, and sporting events.