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      Michigan Tech career fair seeks out STEM majors

      More than 200 companies crammed into Michigan Techâ??s Student Development Complex to seek out students for new recruits.

      But before you start updating your rÃsumà and ironing your suit jacket, you should know these companies are gleaning the crop for the best of the best in STEM fields.

      â??Weâ??re here recruiting computer science, computer engineering, MIS (Management Information Systems), any type of programmer,â?? said Robert Sweet of Jackson National Life Insurance.

      â??Engineers from Michigan Tech, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, chemical engineers,â?? echoed Nickie Barna of Kimberly-Clark.

      It seems the STEM fields are in high demand these days. Many companies said itâ??s because students who study these subjects are particularly keen problem-solvers.

      â??We make products, high-speed manufactured products that require a lot of engineering skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work with a wide variety of people,â?? Barna said.

      Though many companies are looking to hire interns, they hope to keep their interns after graduation.

      â??We have an office here in Houghton that employs about 35 interns year-round. Many of them get job offers,â?? Sweet said. â??I believe we made 14 job offers for full-time employment to graduates this year.â??

      Students said it sometimes takes a little more than just having the practical skills. They said it takes a little guts and creativity as well.

      â??A lot of programming is just having the audacity to say that you can get this box made out of sand and metal to get you an answer, and do it better than anyone else has done,â?? said computer science student, Corey Tebo.

      But just because youâ??re qualified on paper doesnâ??t mean youâ??ve won the job. Companies also want students who are good leaders, good decision-makers, and can work well with others; something they said Michigan Tech students are well prepared for.

      â??The professors here really know what companies are looking for,â?? Barna said. â??A lot of them come from industry. The curriculum is really geared toward what weâ??re looking for.â??