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      Michigan Tech celebrates 60 years with Ford Center

      Michigan Tech this weekend is celebrating 60 years with the Ford Center in Alberta.

      They're remembering what's been accomplished through the center after the Ford Motor Company donated the property to the school. The celebration begins Saturday morning at 11 a.m. and continues through Sunday. There are also saw mill tours.

      The Village of Alberta and the Ford Center were established by Henry Ford in 1935. The saw mill was used to build Ford's lumber industry. In 1954, the Ford Motor Company donated the village and Ford Center to Michigan Tech's Forestry Program. Since then, thousands of students have been trained at the facility.

      "We literally have trained generations of foresters, applied ecologists, environmental scientists, and wildlife ecologists and managers at that particular facility," says Christopher Hohnholt, Director of Outreach at Michigan Tech's Forestry Program. "They're doing great things across the United States and really across the world. So, we're there to celebrate their legacy as much as anything else."

      For a complete list of events during the celebration, check out their website.