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      Michigan Tech celebrates Chinese New Year

      A Chinese New Year celebration was held at Michigan Tech Friday evening. Members of the Chinese Student Scholar Association performed traditional Chinese dances at the Rosza.

      Because 2013 is the year of the snake, the performance included the Chinese opera, "The Legend of the Snake," and the dance of the "Thousand-Hand Guanyin."

      International students at Tech also performed a skit about their experiences with friendship at Michigan Tech. Members of the CSSA say celebrating the Chinese New Year at Tech is a great way for all students to experience a new culture.

      ??It's a chance for people all over the country to share their culture and also know something about China,?? said CSSA member, Huanxin Zhang. ??I'm really glad everybody joins us tonight.??

      The CSSA says the Chinese New Year is similar in celebration to the Christmas holiday season.