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      Michigan Tech chosen for Pacesetters

      Michigan Tech has been chosen as one of 20 universities across the nation to take part in a new initiative to increase the number of women in computer science programs.

      The program is called Pacesetters and is a cooperative program between the 20 chosen universities and 14 companies.

      Outreach opportunities will be the biggest source of increasing the interest of women in computer sciences. Career studies show that over half the projected jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields are in computing.

      Professor Linda Ott says there are a vast number of positions that a degree in computing can attain.

      â??Computing is a career, for instance, that you can do something that helps people,â?? explained Ott. â??That's one of the things a lot of women think they want to go into a career where they're doing some good. Well, developing the software for a pacemaker is kind of a good thing.â??

      There are job opportunities for creating software for things in the medical field, engineering, and even the automotive industry, among others.