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      Michigan Tech gets increase in female enrollment

      View of Michigan Tech from the Portage Canal

      Michigan Tech Board of Control members heard a report on the increase in undergraduate female student enrollment this semester during Thursday morning's regular meeting.

      Female enrollment is up to almost 26 percent from the 19 percent in previous years. In the college of engineering, 906 women are enrolled, the highest numbers Tech has seen.

      For the fifth year in a row, graduate student enrollment increased to 1,359 students, the largest in Tech's history. Vice President for enrollment, John Lehman, says the rising numbers indicate the university is being viewed as a quality educational facility across the country and globe.

      "They're coming from all 50 states," said Lehman. "They're coming from countries from all over the world. So, when school starts every year, we see these students coming from all aspects of the globe, and it helps confirm that we're doing the right things."

      The average ACT score of incoming freshman has also risen from 25 to 26 in the last nine years as well.