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      Michigan Tech offers 3D printer as contest prize

      Michigan Tech is holding a 3D Printers for Peace contest for people to submit designs that use 3D printing to promote peace.

      The idea for the contest came after news of people using the printers to make weapons surfaced. So far, Michigan Tech has saved tens of thousands of dollars making their own scientific equipment with the printers instead of having to buy them.

      The winner of the contest will receive their own 3D printer.

      Joshua Pearce, the professor heading up the contest, says he hopes the contest will get people to design things that can actually be useful for good.

      "What we want to do is focus more on the positive uses for 3D printing," said Pearce. "We use it often times at Michigan Tech to create scientific equipment, but really at this point, 3D printers have come down so far in cost, and they're so useful now. It's a tool that can be used for both bad things and good things, and we would like to focus on the good."

      The contest ends September 1, 2013. For more information on how you can submit an entry, visit the Michigan Tech website here.