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      Michigan Tech preps for career fair

      Michigan Tech is holding its spring career fair Tuesday, February 19 at the Student Development Center.

      Career services at Tech provided a number of workshops on resume writing and interview etiquette to help students prepare.

      There will be 229 companies from around the country present to talk to students from every major about potential jobs and internships.

      A survey of 73 percent of students who graduated in the 2011-2012 school year showed Tech students have a 94 percent placement rate.

      Career services says this is an opportunity for students to show companies what they have to offer.

      â??We're getting these companies from all over the country, from Texas, California, from the east coast, to come here to talk to these students,â?? said director of career services, Jim Turnquist. â??Then the students can talk to them and tell them, 'This is what I can offer you, this is my degree, these are the skills I have,' and it is an excellent opportunity for them to get hired.â??

      The career fair will be in the SDC from noon until six p.m. in the multi-purpose facility.