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      Michigan Tech professor honored

      View of Michigan Tech's campus from the Portage Canal

      An association representing Michigan's 15 public universities has honored professors from Michigan Technological University, University of Michigan-Flint and Wayne State University.

      The Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan this week announced three faculty members at the schools received its annual Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year: Michigan Tech's Will Cantrell, University of Michigan-Flint's Mojtaba Vaziri and Wayne State's Tamara Bray.

      Cantrell and Vaziri teach physics. Bray teaches anthropology and directs Wayne's anthropology museum.

      The award, in its seventh year, recognizes outstanding contributions of faculty members at the 15 schools. The association says each university nominated a professor who has had a significant impact on student learning through research, advising and mentoring.

      The recipients and nominees have been invited to an April 12 lunch at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing.