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      Michigan Tech professor publishes streetcar novel

      A Michigan Tech professor has compiled information about Houghton County??s streetcar system of the early 1900s into a book titled "Copper Country Streetcars."

      Civil Engineering Professor Bill Sproule tells the story of the streetcars that operated from 1900 until 1932 when the company went out of business. The 27-mile long service ran from Michigan Tech up through Laurium to Mohawk.

      In its peak in 1909, the service saw 6.5 million passengers. Sproule said after the copper industry began to decline and more people were buying cars, the streetcars became insignificant.

      ??It really kind of linked a lot of the Copper Country communities together,?? said Sproule. ??So, you could go from Houghton, you could go to the Calumet Theatre, and you could be home that night. You could be a baseball team, and you could play in Mohawk and be back home in the afternoon.??

      Sproule's book can be purchased at most Copper Country bookstores and Michigan Tech's campus bookstore.