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      Michigan Tech ROTC to hold 9/11 ceremony

      The ROTC at Michigan Tech will be holding an honor guard ceremony at the flag pole in front of the ROTC building on September 11 to honor the lives of those killed in the tragic events 12 years ago.

      It will be a twelve-hour ceremony beginning at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. with a changing of the guards at every hour.

      The flag will be raised half staff to honor the 9/11 victims. They will also have flowers available for the community to come and place around the memorial on campus.

      â??Well, it's been years ago, but I still remember where I was that day,â?? said Air Force ROTC Cadet Holly Zehfus. â??I think it's important that people from the community remember that and tell their kids about it and show their support.â??

      At 7 a.m. there will be a flag raising ceremony and also a final ceremony at 7 p.m.