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      Michigan Tech students build gingerbread houses

      A hockey rink, Stonehenge, and an armadaâ?|Michigan Tech students are getting into the holiday spirit and turning candy into a festive display. Computer engineer, Tanner Howell, is no stranger when it comes to building things. "Well, right now we're trying to lay down our solid foundation; so what we find is, we take the graham cracker and we apply quite a lot of icing, and with a little hopes and prayers from us, it tends to work," said Howell. This event was put on by Michigan Tech's Inter-Residential Hall Council. "It's been a tradition for the past couple years, and we also put out table, tents and posters a couple days ahead of time so that students will know," said Inter-Resident Housing Council Vice President Noah Rau. When you're making a house completely out of candy, one of the most important things you'll need is the frosting because it's the glue that holds the licorice, and then graham crackers, together. Candy wasn't the only thing students got a chance to eat. Different flavors of ice cream were also available. Once completed, the students' creative designs were put on display in the dining hall for everyone to see.