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      Michigan Tech students celebrate first week with 500 foot banana split

      Michigan Tech students enjoyed their second day on campus by ending the day with a bite of a 500 foot long banana split set up in the middle of campus.

      About a thousand students lined up to watch fellow classmates prepare the banana split with ice cream, pineapple, chocolate syrup, cherries, and whip cream. They all had the chance to dig in for a piece of it themselves. It was a part of orientation week for freshman on campus to help them get acclimated and meet new people. Freshmen say they're looking forward to having a good school year.

      "Good grades, fun time, camping," says Daniel Barton, a freshman at Mighican Tech. "It's real good. It's good weather and everything; it's nice. It's good being up here."

      Other orientation week activities students can take part in are paddleboard lessons, free movies in lecture halls, a backpacking trip to Isle Royale, and mini-sessions on how to study for classes.