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      Michigan Tech students learn leadership

      Students in the Copper Country are learning about more than just their field of study.

      Michigan Tech students are in Baraga County for a week-long leadership conference called Leadershape. The conference includes seminars and group-building activities to teach students skills for the workplace and beyond.

      Some of the skills learned include communication tactics, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Professors from across the country came to speak during the conference.

      The students say the lessons they are learning are invaluable.

      "We have such an amazing group of people here, and what people have gone through in their lives and their experiences, and the diversity they went through is absolutely fantastic," said Michigan Tech student Danielle Boettger.

      "Interacting with other people and the importance of presenting yourself well, but at the same time being honest and open with other people and trusting them to do the same with you," added fellow MTU student, Kevin Erkkila.

      The conference is being held at the Ford Center, an off-site area of Michigan Tech. The students will be there through Saturday.