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      Michigan Tech students lend help to wounded veterans

      Wounded veterans participating in endurance races will have an improved hand-cranked, three-wheel cycle, thanks to Michigan Tech students.

      The cycles will be unveiled by two Michigan Tech students, James Cook and Brett Jenkins, at Saturday's Army vs. Navy football game in Philadelphia.

      Michigan Tech says a veteran from the Achilles Freedom team will ride one of the cycles onto the field during a first-quarter time out.

      "We looked at things, like a car seat, and so we put degrees of movement on there so you can slide the seat forward, back, up, down, and you can even tilt the seat," said James Cook, a mechanical engineering student. "That way riders can get themselves into a comfortable position when they're riding our bike."

      "It's great just being able to give back to those who have fought for our country," said Brett Jenkins, a mechanical engineering student. "It's a great feeling. It's one of the best projects I've ever worked on."

      The students have been working on cycles since the beginning of this year.