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      Michigan Tech students turn van into a medical clinic

      A group of Michigan Tech students, along with the director of the Institute for Leadership and Innovation, Bob Warrington, are completely gutting the van so medical equipment can be placed inside."Our Pavlis Institute students go to Ghana in the summer to do projects, value added projects, for five weeks, and last summer they found a need for a diagnostics and treatment in some of the rural villages within Ghana," said Warrington.The mobile medical clinic will have an equipment sterilizer and microscopes; it will also transport doctors to the rural villages in Ghana.The project is still in the beginning stages, but students are spending two hours a day working on the van."As an advisor, we have a weekly meeting that we talk about the issues we have to overcome and how we're going to overcome them," said Nick Hendrickson, school technology advisor.Brian Wilterink is one of 12 students working on the project."It's very rewarding knowing that this van is going to be potentially saving lives in rural Ghana," said Wilterink.The van was donated by Husky Motors, and it will be fully equipped by the end of the school year."For the people of Ghana, one vehicle will certainly do some good, but our vision is to develop a system by which we can provide more vehicles," Warrington said.Michigan Tech says they would also like to send used medical equipment that is no longer needed in the United States to Ghana.