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      Michigan Tech students win big on Ellen

      Two students from Michigan Tech had the chance of a lifetime on Tuesday when they were invited to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show in Los Angeles.

      Sophomores Alexis Kuprel and Morgan Crocker both won a 50-inch TV and a free five-year subscription to Netflix. Crocker was also given $10,000 to help pay for school.

      Kuprel wrote a letter to Ellen over the summer because Crocker, her roommate, was having financial difficulty paying for her education.

      Friday, April 11, producers from the show called the girls and flew them out to L.A. to be on the show where Ellen gave Crocker $10,000 for schooling.

      Crocker and Kuprel say it was a complete surprise to both of them and are both very happy Crocker was given some much-needed help.

      â??It's hard to put it into words because there's a lot of emotion behind it,â?? said Crocker. â??My family, they've been really stressed for a really long time. The fact that Ellen helped out with that tremendously is just astonishing."

      "It was just something that I saw her struggling with, and I just really wanted to help so much because I just saw her struggling, and I wanted her to stay here and fulfill her dreams, I guess,â?? said Kuprel. â??So, Iâ??m just so excited to see that happen."

      Kuprel and Crocker say they've been inseparable since they met freshman year at Tech and watch Ellen's show together almost every day.