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      Michigan Tech symposium to discuss bioenergy in Upper Michigan

      Michigan Tech's forestry department is holding a community-wide symposium this Friday to discuss bioenergy uses and forestry in the Upper Peninsula.

      The symposium will be held in Hesterberg Hall on Michigan Tech's campus from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Various speakers in the forestry industry, including forestry professionals from the Copper Country and Michigan Tech graduates, will be presenting. Topics will include wood pellet fuel production and biomass fueled electric plants.

      Students organizing the event say the information will be relevant to the U.P. and will be open to questions from the public.

      "It's relevant here," said Brittany Vanderwall of the National Forestry Honors Society. "If we poll more from the U.P., everyone will be able to get behind it and relate to it because it's a local process."

      "A lot of times, the material that is used in bioenergy-making is something that would otherwise be wasted," said Lauren Rusin of the National Forestry Honors Society.

      The symposium will be in room G002 and is free and open to everyone.