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      Michigan Tech undergrads meet with representatives in the steel industry

      Choosing a career in college can sometimes be difficult.

      Michigan Tech frequently holds career days on campus, but the materials science program wanted to focus on a specific industry for students to learn about.

      With the help of a $35,000 grant from the Association of Iron and Steel Technology, the university was able to invite companies to the first-ever Steel Day.

      â??The steel industry is a major manufacturing industry in the United States,â?? said assistant professor in materials science engineering at Michigan Tech, Paul Sanders. â??It provides a lot of jobs, it provides material for infrastructure. Itâ??s a really important industry, and we really want to get students who like that type of work, like manufacturing, and get them to help support the industry.â??

      ArcelorMittal, Gerdau, Nucor, and Cliffs Natural Resources introduced students to the opportunities within the business. For many of the companies, it was a way to get their name out to students for the first time.

      â??A lot of people have heard of companies that are in the automotive industry or in the appliance industry, and the steel companies donâ??t really make a name for themselves in public knowledge,â?? said quality engineering at ArcelorMittal, Michael Mathieu. â??You donâ??t hear the word, â??ArcelorMittal,â?? every day, though we are the worldâ??s largest steel producer.â??

      For Sonya Snyder, a co-op student from Missouri University of Science and Technology, her metallurgical internship experience with Nucor helped her decide her career path.

      â??Just finishing my sophomore year and going into my junior year, and Iâ??m already doing a co-op with Nucor Steel and already getting a first taste of the industry; seeing that this is really what I want to do, this is what I love,â?? said Snyder.

      With jobs for degrees in all areas of engineering and technology, the companies say Michigan Tech is the right place to look for future employees.

      â??Right now, we do a pretty good job attracting juniors and seniors to the steel industry, but the underclassmen donâ??t know much about it, and if they knew more about it, we think they could use that information to select a career path,â?? Sanders said.