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      Michigan voters reject five of six ballot proposals; Proposal 1 still too close to call

      Michigan voters have rejected five of the six ballot proposal s. Proposals 2 through 6 all failed. Proposal 1 was too close to call as of 3:00 a.m. Wednesday.

      With 82 percent of statewide precincts reporting, there were 1,893,601 (52 percent) no votes and 1,742,945 (48 percent) yes votes for Proposal 1. That is the proposal that would approve the emergency manager law.

      Proposals 2 through 6 were all ballot measures that would have amended the state's constitution.

      Tuesday night, voters opted not to guarantee union collective bargaining rights in the state's constitution (Proposal 2); turned down a renewable energy mandate (Proposal 3); rejected a new classification for home healthcare workers (Proposal 4); turned down a 2/3 legislative supermajority to raise taxes (Proposal 5); defeated a plan that called for a statewide vote on plans for any new international crossing (Proposal 6).

      Check UpperMichigansSource.com for updates as more results come in and the numbers for Proposal 1 are finalized.