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      Michigan Works! U.P. plans first ever Keweenaw Job Fair

      Michigan Works! U.P. in the Copper Country is planning to host the very first Keweenaw Job Fair this April 4 for any and all seeking employment in the area.

      Michigan Works! U.P. is partnering with Finlandia University to hold the job fair at Finlandia's Jutila Center. Currently, about a dozen businesses have signed up to have a booth at the fair, but there is still room for about 20 more.

      Michigan Works! U.P. hopes the job fair will make it easier for jobs to find new employees and for job seekers to find employment.

      â??The businesses get to see a lot of candidates all at once. They get to evaluate them together as opposed to taking one rÃsumà at a time and evaluating it,â?? said business services manager at Michigan Works! U.P., Robert Peters. â??The job seeker really gets to see the diversity of possibilities that are available in the area for employment.â??

      The Keweenaw Job Fair will be held Friday, April 4 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Jutila Center in Hancock.

      Any business wishing to host a booth at the job fair, contact Robert Peters at