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      Michigan's finest put heroic skills to test

      Hundreds of Michigan's finest battled it out Friday, but this time not flames. This fight was against each other in the 119th U.P. Fireman's Tournament.

      For over a century, Upper Peninsula firefighters have come together, putting their heroic skills to the test.

      Dan Malone, a Munising Volunteer firefighter says "itâ??s a lot of fun."

      "It's a chance to get back together with friends and, of course, thereâ??s some seriousness to itâ?|youâ??d like to win," says Malone.

      These 500 men and women are all volunteer firefighters will full-time careers, including TV6's Steve Asplund. He's got the day off from the anchor desk but says this is anything but a vacation.

      "This is much harder," admits Asplund. "It'll be a nice relaxation to come back to work."

      There may not be lives on the line, but these men and women still take their tasks seriously. And for both participants and spectators, the event is something to see.

      "Just watching the other departments and stuff, it's awesome," says spectator Sheryl Churack. "We enjoy coming out watching the tournaments."