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      Midge Ridge

      Family and friends of a Rapid River woman, who recently passed away from burns in an explosion, gathered to dedicate a trail in her honor.

      Horseback riding was one of Midge Dutton's passions. On Sunday, loved ones honored her with a ride through a trail, now known as Midge Ridge, at the Grand Island Trail head.

      "She was loved by a lot of people. She's been involved in the community for a long time. I just think this right here is a good way for people to share in her life," said James Dutton, son.

      Midge passed away on the first of October from extensive burns she suffered after a gas stove exploded. She was camping with her husband at the Indian River Campground, late September, for a 25-mile, 4-hour horse ride.

      Currently, her husband and dogs are recovering from the incident.

      "I'm glad she had this many people behind her. There really isn't any other way to show it. The important thing is these people understood her and backed her a hundred percent," said Robert Dutton, son.

      Midge spent a lot of time horseback riding in the trails of Grand Island. So, members of the U.P. Distance Riders Club decided to name a section of an 18-mile trail Midge Ridge.

      "Midge was never really good at finding trails. She always had a hard time with it, but she had finally found that ridge. She finally found her way to that so we decided Midge Ridge was a perfect name for it," said Peg Gobert, U.P. Distance Riders.

      Midge was also an active community member. She volunteered at the Bonifas Arts Center, the 4-H club, and was part of founding the U.P. Steam and Gas Engine Association.

      Now the U.P. Distance Riders Club is working hard to make Midge Ridge a permanent trail in the Grand Island Trail system.