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      Mikulich family releases statement

      The family of the Kingsford man charged in connection with explosives found at the federal building in Detroit earlier this month has issued a statement explaining that the suspect has a lengthy history of mental illness.

      The suspect, 42-year-old Gary John Mikulich, was arrested by federal authorities at his family's home in Kingsford Thursday. He faces between 5 to 20 years in prison on the charge.

      The statement asserts that Mikulich was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia about 18 years ago. It further says that he was advised to take recommended medications but refused to do so because of the possible side effects.

      "After a family arranged court hearing," the statement continues, "Gary was confined to an Upper Peninsula mental hospital. While hospitalized, Gary, on a daily basis, would refuse to take the recommended medications. Gary was transferred to another hospital and was finally convinced to take the meds with the promise he would be released and monitored by the mental health clinic in Kingsford."

      But, again, the family statement claims, he started refusing proper treatment. The family, according to the statement, tried to get a court order to get Gary treatment, but was not successful.

      The Mikulich family, according to the statement, "feels the system has failed him and failed the family."

      For the past several years, the statement says, Gary held a full-time job, but in the last six months he had been unemployed.

      The statement concluded with thanks to the FBI, the Michigan State Police, Kingsford Public Safety, and the Iron Mountain Police for their professionalism in the investigation and apprehension of Mikulich.