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      Mild Marquette weather takes national spotlight

      Upper Michigan's weather was in the national spotlight Monday, but it wasn't because of a big snow total. It was actually the lack of snow that brought Weather Channel Meteorologist Mike Seidel to Marquette's McCarty's Cove Monday morning. Seidel did several live reports in front of the Marquette Lighthouse. He also interviewed some local residents, asking how they're handling the absence of snow. Seidel was at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Sunday, and his crew made the decision to come north to the U.P. instead of reporting live from Chicago. It was his first time in the U.P., but Seidel says he imagined he would come here for a big lake effect snow storm instead of reporting on mild conditions.

      Seidel also appeared live on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams from the lower harbor in Marquette Monday night.