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      Military continues to make a boy's wish come true

      The military dreams for a 10-year-old Calumet boy, battling Leukemia, continued on Friday morning.

      Over the summer, through the Make-A-Wish foundation, Ladd Anderson enlisted into the US Army Reserves and helped put together a bridge in Marquette's lower harbor. On Friday, at the Army Reserve Center in Chocolay Township, Ladd received more honors.

      Two command sergeant majors from Fort McCoy presented Ladd with patches for his uniform and special coins, including a personal challenge coin.

      "Only soldiers that do something really good get them," said Ladd Anderson.

      "Part of the ceremony today was making Ladd aware that he's part of a bigger thing now, he's part of a big family of soldiers and anywhere he goes throughout the United States, if he sees a camouflage uniform, he's got a brother or sister to talk to," said Command Sergeant Major Koszuta.

      After the presentation, Ladd, his family, and the soldiers enjoyed some cake before taking a tour of the facility.