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      Military veteran confronts gas station intruders

      Two teens have been arrested in connection to an alleged break-in at an Oasis Gas Station in Shingleton.

      According to the Michigan State Police, two residents ages 17 and 18 were arrested on breaking and entering charges on Monday after the alleged break-in.

      Police say that the two suspects broke in to the gas station wearing ski masks and proceeded to the cash register. The two suspects were unaware that the gas station owner and Iraq war veteran Shawn Schank was still in the building.

      Police say that Schank ran towards the suspects and kicked one of them to the ground. He then retrieved his AR-15 rifle from his office and ordered them to leave the business. According to police, one of the suspects peeled his mask off and pleaded that Schank not shoot him. They then fled on foot as Schank called 911.

      Police say that Schank recognized the suspect that removed his mask, which led to the arrest of the two individuals.