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      Millage proposal on ballot to help Windsor Center

      On August 6, Iron River area voters will decide on a millage proposal for the Windsor Center.

      The 1928 historic building, which was part of the Iron River school system, known now as the Windsor Center, is a place for people of all ages to perform, create, and learn. The building is open for rental space for small business or organizations.

      â??I look at it as a cultural and recreational center for the community, being the whole west-end community, not just the city,â?? said board member, Rick Commenator.

      But maintaining the building as a business and recreation center requires funding. â??We went to the people two years ago and asked them for some funding to help us continue the recreational aspects and the cultural aspects of our operation, and they were very generous in approving that,â?? Commenator said.

      The millage from two years ago is now expired, which means a renewal millage is whatâ??s on the ballot.

      â??To keep the doors open, this millage is basically necessary. We can operate probably another year without the millage and then we will have to close the doors,â?? Commenator said.

      If the millage for the Windsor Center does pass, it will allow quilters, like those who meet regularly, to continue doing their charity work.

      â??We had the opportunity to rent this and like I said, I was dead-set against it, but to me, itâ??s home now,â?? said quilter, Jean Lindbeck.

      The group of quilters who rent space in the building meets two times a week, making handmade creations for charity.

      â??All of this fabric is only for charity,â?? Lindbeck said. â??We certainly hope that this millage passes again because this is a marvelous building, available for all kinds of activities, particularly children's programs.â??

      Some of those childrenâ??s programs include cooking classes that gives kids an opportunity to try their hand at culinary art.

      The millage is a .50 renewal; 50 cents per 1,000 dollars in taxable value. In simpler terms, it would mean anywhere from 20 to around 50 dollars a year, but it's not additional taxes, it's simply a continuation of what was voted on two years ago. All municipalities, including Stambaugh Township, Iron River Township, Bates Township, and the City of Iron River, need to pass the millage in order for it to be in effect.