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      Million dollar mistake

      Law enforcement agencies across the state could soon have an extra million dollars for training programs.

      The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, or MCOLES, held their summer meeting on the campus of Northern Michigan University this morning, where they discussed a recent audit of the Michigan Justice Training Fund.

      The audit uncovered the extra one million dollars. The money is to be given out in the form of grants for agencies to participate in training programs.

      "The good thing is there's an additional one million dollars that we didn't know we had, to put out there in grants to assist with those training needs for chiefs and sheriffs," says David Harvey, executive director of MCOLES. "Unfortunately it's a one-time infusion, it's not ongoing, but otherwise we would have been under one million dollars in grants and we used to give out three to four million dollars in grants throughout the state."

      The audit also revealed that the million dollar mistake comes from 20 years ago when the money was shifted from the Department of Management and Budget to the Justice Training Fund.