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      Mind Trekkers highlight Houghton County Fair opening night

      Who knew mixing liquid nitrogen with a little sugar and syrup would make ice cream in 60 seconds? Enter the Mind Trekkers.

      This science magic show has been on the road for nearly two years, finally making its way home to Houghton County Fair.

      On Thursday, kids walked on water and fought electricity. And I experienced dragon's breath. The secret? Graham crackers frozen in nitrogen.

      "The only way that kids really get a good scientific will is to do it in some kind of fun background because right now, the school system just isn't always fun," said Edward Leonard, a physics major at Michigan Tech.

      Whether young or old, there's something here for everybody to keep the ball rolling.

      "We get kids out here doing all sorts of hands-on activities and get really engaging in science, not just watching, but actually doing a lot of it and try to figure out what the science is behind the mystery," said Steve Patchin, Director of Center for Pre-College Outreach at MTU.

      Liquid nitrogen was a force in many tricks, followed by the mystifying electric ball and even a little strength resistance. And the real winner?

      "Walking on that stuff over there, that was fun," said one intrigued visitor.

      Water mixed with corn starch--kids walked on it, ran through it, and got stuck in it.

      Although magic is just one aspect of the show, getting kids to love science is the only trick.

      "This generation is all hands-on, and that's how they learn, and this is the best way of doing it," Patchin said.

      So what TMs burning a few dollars in the name of physics? Even blowing up a trash can can be a real science.