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      Mind Trekkers show the magic of science

      Students from Michigan Tech met with eighth grade students from Hancock Middle School Tuesday to have some fun with science.

      The Tech Mind Trekkers is a group that gives interactive presentations to teach middle school students about the magic of science principles. The Mind Trekkers travel across the country to different schools to get kids interested in science.

      Students were able to see chemical reactions and basic physics principles. The students said the things they learned boosted their interest in science and math.

      "I think it was really awesome,?? said eighth grade student, Alexis Aho. ??It's well put together, and it's really fun, and it's a way for kids to get more interactive with science."

      ??It's been great,?? said eighth grade student, Bryce Givens. ??I think it's been a good opportunity for us."

      The Mind Trekkers hope that the presentation will inspire eighth graders to one day be Mind Trekkers with Michigan Tech as well.