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      Miners and Hematites helping the community

      The St. Vincent de Paul in Negaunee moved to a new location with the help of some Negaunee High School football players.

      Organizers said they were very grateful to have the football players because they were able to help move some of the heavier items. As for the players, they said they were more than willing to lend a helping hand, especially when people in their community are in need.

      "We just want to help the community and give back to what they do for us. Hopefully it's showing everyone that they should all help out. It's a good cause, St. Vincent de Paul, and they just need as much help as they can get," said Brandon Vilona, high school senior.

      The St. Vincent de Paul moved closer to the parking lot entrance of the old Negaunee Mall.

      The Miners were not the only group helping out their community. On the last Sunday of every month, veterans from the Jacobetti Home in Marquette get together for a game of bingo. Football players from Ishpeming High School decided to join in on the fun. White and blue Hematite jerseys brightened the community room as some of the players and veterans yelled out bingo.

      Before the game, many in the group exchanged stories. World War II veteran, Michael Coluccio, grew up in Ishpeming and is a huge Hhematite fan, so the visit was a welcomed surprise.

      "I think it's great, unexpectedly, but beautiful to see all of these young men here. I'm proud of them and I hope they go all the way again," said Coluccio.

      "This is pretty fun. I'd rather be doing bingo and helping the veterans play a game just to keep them occupied," said Adam Prisk.

      The goal of this event is to help the players understand the importance of giving back to the community, especially when it comes to honoring and thanking those who served their country.