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      Mini-series to shoot pilot episode in Upper Peninsula

      A group of independent filmmakers are making their way to the Upper Peninsula in the coming month to shoot a pilot episode of a new mini-series.

      The project is called The Wake, and it's a post-apocalyptic series based in the future. The Chicago-based film crew spent three months scouting for locations in the Midwest before they found their way to Marquette.

      "We stumbled along into Marquette late one night, and it sort of took our breath away," said director Noah Kloor. "It was exactly what we were looking for, so it was a really exciting moment to find a location that fit so perfectly."

      The show will be shot in different areas between Marquette and Munising. Creators of the series say they will be looking to the public for casting roles, including extras.

      Once the pilot episode is completed, the show's creators plan to market it to online distributors, and if it's picked up, they hope to return to the U.P. to shoot the series. Filming will begin August 9 and run until the 22nd.

      For more information on the project, check out The Wake's website.