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      Mining severance tax expected to be passed

      The battle over the controversial mining severance tax could be coming to an end Wednesday. At Tuesday's Marquette County Board meeting, commissioners received an update on the proposed legislation.

      The bill places a tax of 2.75 percent on minerals like copper and nickel. It replaces separate taxes for corporate income, sales, property and use. This would affect Rio Tinto's Eagle Mine project in Marquette county. The board sent representatives to Lansing last week to testify about the possible effects of the severance tax.

      "We didn't get everything we wanted, but for Humboldt Township's point of view, we certainly did much better than we did going in, that's for sure. The administration, along with Senator Casperson, really stepped up for our community," said Humboldt Township's Supervisor, Joe Derocha.

      The severance tax is expected to be passed Wednesday in Lansing.