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      Miracle Worker comes to the Besse Center Theatre

      An inspiring story of teaching, love and patience is coming to the Bay College Besse Center Theatre in Escanaba.

      This award-winning play is the story of the blind, deaf and mute Helen Keller. It follows her journey out of silence and darkness with the help of her young teacher Annie Sullivan.

      â??It is a very emotional drama and you see how different families react to different situations,â?? said Tyler Myrick who played Helenâ??s brother, James. â??Some people might be able to put themselves in our shoes and better understand how families go through difficult times.â??

      The show not only tells Helenâ??s story, but can possibly teach the audience a valuable lesson.

      â??Maybe theyâ??ll learn that compassion too of just slowly teaching someone who does have a disability,â?? said Annie Sullivan played by Elizabeth LaChapelle.

      The student actors have been rehearsing for over two months, and hope the community comes out to support their hard work.

      â??I definitely want people to come out and check out the show,â?? LaChapelle said. â??It wonâ??t disappoint anyone. Itâ??s a great production and it is really heart touching and I bet there will not be a dry eye at the end of the show.â??

      Miracle Worker opens Thursday at 7:30 with a show Friday and Saturday as well. For more information call the box office at (906) 217-4045.