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      Mission aborted: Marquette Fireworks show to be reimbursed for next year

      The Marquette Fireworks Committee has finally spoken on the failure of this year's Independence Day fireworks production.

      The fireworks show was cut short a third of the way through after the main communications cable connecting the explosives caught fire and burned.

      During a press conference both the Marquette Fireworks Committee and Great Lakes Fireworks, who has been performing Marquette's July 4th show for the past seven years, expressed great regret for the failure.

      This year's show was a new display of the fireworks for the Marquette area, but Great Lake Fireworks has performed it in other communities.

      Technicians who were on hand to handle the display on July 5th said they made the decision to stop the show with safety in mind first and to avoid a less than impressive fireworks show.

      Both parties are now hoping to put closure to the matter and are thankful no one was hurt.

      "Next year's show in 2015 will one of the best we've ever seen in the Marquette area" says Tom Baldini, head of the fireworks committee.

      Great Lake Fireworks refunded the Marquette Fireworks Committee $20,000 of the $25,000 paid for this year's display.

      Money from this year will go to fund the 2015 show. The committee says they're thankful to the community for their support and donations as they look forward to next year.