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      Mission accomplished for Bay Cliff camper

      The summer has wrapped up for campers at Bay Cliff Health Camp. After several weeks at the Big Bay camp, the kids went home last Saturday afternoon. For the past few weeks, we have been following Tim Minier, a teenager working hard at improving his ability to walk after a major surgery in May.

      Tim has spent nine summers at Bay Cliff, making progress every year as he deals with the challenges of cerebral palsy. But the changes Tim made this summer might be the biggest yet.

      "I didn't even believe I'd get this far in six weeks," said Tim.

      Tim is only using crutches now, quite a difference from the beginning of the summer.

      "Well, the first day of camp, I couldn't even walk," recalled Tim. "I had to be transferred from my chair to my bed by Mr. Josh."

      That's become a distant memory for his counselor, Josh Hass.

      "I sometimes forget that when he first got here, he wasn't able to walk," said Hass.

      Instead, Hass will remember Tim's much improved mobility and moments like the Bay Cliff prom, when he danced for a whole hour.

      "Just like any other kid his age," Hass commented. "Just having fun; he was smiling and dancing. Even that's part of his therapy. He was exhausted after that hour."

      Last Saturday on the last day of camp, Tim's dad and step-mom were there to pick up their son from a place that's been invaluable to their family.

      "They just work with the kids so much, and I don't even know how to describe it," said Tim Minier, Sr.

      He is thrilled with his son's much improved walking, the result of a journey that wasn't always easy.

      "The progress I've made was hard but very calming," the 15 year old said.

      It's calming because Tim can now spend entire days on his feet, including the final afternoon of camp when he walked out the Bay Cliff gate.

      Tim is heading back to Ironwood, excited to start his freshman year of high school. He met his big summer goal, inspiring many people along the way, just as he has done throughout his entire life.

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