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      Mistakes that keep you from cooling off

      Homeowner Doug Liberty is counting on his air conditioning system to work all summer long. And on a day like Tuesday, he needs it.

      "It's hard sleeping if you don't have it," said Liberty.

      "Even with the windows open until about 12 a.m. then it starts cooling down."

      Technicians from Swick Home Services say they answer around 35 calls per day about AC repairs, maintenance and installation.

      "One of the issues we found in the Upper Peninsula regarding air conditioning is they're really not used enough," said Service Manager Ed Niemi.

      "You can go two years with only turning your air conditioner on once or twice and that's actually detrimental to the system."

      With hot and humid temperatures here to stay, they say a working cooling system is a must. One of the misconceptions about air conditioning is that it just blows cool air. In fact, the system is designed to remove hot air and humidity and dissipate it outside.

      The myth has many users pushing too many buttons. Lowering your thermostat doesn't mean the AC will work faster. When temperatures outside reach the 90s, keep it in the 70s indoors.

      "It's not going to reach 65 degrees in a heat like we're experiencing right now," Niemi said.

      "It's going to get to 72, but 72 without humidity is comfortable for most people."

      For Liberty, he's just glad his holiday guests will keep cool.

      "My boy's coming home from Fort Campbell and he likes the cooler air because his bedroom is upstairs," Liberty said.